Offering car park management services across the UK. We help land owners protect their parking areas for its intended use (e.g. customers), generate revenue from public parking and offer advisory services. We take care of the day-to-day responsibility and provide suitable solutions. We are an Authorised Operator of The International Parking Community (IPC).

As a IPC approved operator, PARK-PAY is able to issue legally enforceable parking charges on behalf of private land owners who experience unauthorised parking on their land.

Our service will result in considerable reduction of unauthorised parking. We do this through the erection of clear signage to deter would-be offenders and 24/7 patrol inspections. For any remaining contraventions we give you the tools to inform us of the breach and we issue a parking charge on your behalf. This avoids repeat offenders whilst allowing you to remain anonymous and free to focus on your priorities.

Why us?

We have a proven record of satisfaction with our clients, this comes from our philosophy of maximising the experience for each client, such that we can grow through word of mouth and positive recommendations. We offer the most straight forward and cost effective tools in the industry with no ongoing costs.

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