Why have I received a Parking Charge?

The car parks managed by Park-Pay have clear terms and conditions of parking, as detailed on the signage within the car park. If the terms and conditions are breached (e.g. overstaying or not paying for your parking, not displaying valid ticket/permit), then a Parking Charge will be issued

Are ‘Parking Charges’ legal?

Yes. Once our contractual signage is erected and an authority agreement signed with the landowner or their agent we can legally issue invoices (parking charge notices). It is legal to levy a parking charge which has been notified (by our signs) to motorists. By parking on land we patrol, drivers enter into a contract as indicated on our signs. We will pursue the driver and in certain circumstances (under the Protection of Freedoms Act) the Registered Keeper. Motorists do have a legal right to appeal and the parking charge notice gives full details of this.

I am a Blue Badge Holder, am I exempt from Parking Charge Notices?

Blue Badge holders are not exempt from terms and conditions on private land car parks unless stated on signage provided. This is confirmed in the Blue Badge holder’s handbook.

I have a permit that was displayed in the vehicle but not visible (facing down, on the seat, on the floor etc.). Why have I still received a PCN?

If you have a permit and it was in the vehicle on the day of the contravention but it was not visible to an attendant on site, you have not adhered to the terms and conditions set out on the signage within the area. If the full front of the permit cannot be seen by an attendant, the PCN will stand and process.

What will happen if I decide to ignore my PCN?

If no payment or appeal is received within 28 days of the issue date on your Parking Charge Notice, further action may be taken. Different methods of escalation include Debt Collection Service, Court Action and further costs will be incurred

How can I pay my PCN?

To pay your Parking Charge Notice, please make sure you have your PCN reference and VRM (vehicle registration number) handy. Once you have both of these, simply click here and follow the instructions.

Charge amounts stand at £60 for early payment and £100 for payments thereafter. If your charge is paid within 14 days of the issue date provided on your letter, an amount of £60 will need to be paid. Anytime between 15 to 28 days will require a payment of £100.

I have been served a county court judgement, whats next?

If you have been taken to the county court for failing to pay outstanding charges, then you would have been issued with a county court judgement (CCJ) If judgement was made in our favour. This will stay on your credit rating for a long time and will hinder, or even prevent, you getting any kind of credit.

If you want to settle this debt , please contact us.